On behalf of Project 100 Property Trust, I would like to thank you for providing your valuation reports on three of our charity homes in a timely fashion. Your understanding of the vision of our charity was evident and we appreciate the supportive way you completed the project. We found working with you to be comfortable but professional and your thorough and precise work was truly appreciated

Deborah Gillett - Project 100 Property Trust

Bermuda Valuers and Appraisers were able to complete the appraisal report for my purchasers quickly and efficiently, enabling the closing process to continue without delay. Being an independent company, their unbiased opinion is valuable to both us as agents, and our buyers and sellers.

Laura Bolton, Residential Sales and Rentals Representative, Rego Sotherby's International Realty

I have always been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and promptness in which both Suzanne and Steve have conducted themselves throughout the years. Their recent teaming up is very exciting news and I will always have the utmost confidence when working with them more in the future. Congratulations on the new endeavor and looking forward to working together for years to come!

Ben Rego, Global Real Estate Advisor, Rego Sotherby's International Realty

Professional, diligent and deadline driven. These are just some of the qualities that Steve and Suzanne have in abundance. Aside from these skills they are also highly personable and approachable. I have worked with Steve and Suzanne for over ten years in the real estate sector. I highly recommend this team and would not hesitate referring clients to them.

Matt Kelly, Director, Chancery Legal

Steve and Suzanne of Bermuda Valuers & Appraisers are my go to appraisers for a quick yet considered valuation on all matters legal (quantifying values for gifts, arbitrations or estates). I recommend them highly for a professional and personable service

Michelle Stone, Barrister and Attorney. Head of Property, Wakefield Quin

I am renovating my old Bermuda home and required an appraisal. I contacted Bermuda Valuers & Appraisers and spoke with Suzanne who kindly arranged an early morning site visit. Suzanne was friendly and knowledgeable and I received my appraisal quite quickly considering we had 2 hurricanes! I would highly recommend Suzanne and Bermuda Valuers & Appraisals

Shawna Furbert

The responsiveness and level of service I received from Bermuda Valuers & Appraisers was exceptional. Steve and Suzanne deserve an A+ in my opinion as they were willing to go the extra mile to make my appraisal process run as smoothly as possible. They even managed to accommodate my quick turnaround request, which was greatly appreciated. With smiles on their faces, they carried out their work efficiently and were also available to assist with any additional requests, questions or concerns that I may have had. By choosing Bermuda Valuers & Appraisers, you will surely be receiving top notch service. I highly recommend them!

Tania Madeiros